Telescopes at Best Buy: Black Friday discounts and stock

There are plenty of telescopes at Best Buy – but it’s not always easy to pick out the best deals and discounts from the pile. Especially as Black Friday deals have now started emerging, contributing to the ever growing number of ‘discounted’ models available on the site. That’s where this guide comes in. Here, we pick the ones that are really worth your money.

Ongoing shortages within the optics industry means that we’re not seeing many big price cuts on the very best telescopes. Instead, lower-spec models are being discounted, as they’re easier for manufacturers to build in bulk. As such, you’re in luck if you’re after one of the best beginner telescopes, but you’ll likely have to pay full price if you want something more specialist. The shortages are so severe that you can’t even get your hands on some of the most popular models. 

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