Best binoculars for kids 2021: Top picks for getting a close-up view of the cosmos

If you want to open any youngster’s mind to the wonders of the universe, a good pair of binoculars is a great place to start – but just what are the best binoculars for kids? There are so many to choose from, with famous manufacturers such as Celestron, Nikon, and Olympus all competing for your business, that it can be a real dilemma to decide.

For children and smaller adults, the size of binoculars should be considered. Lightweight binoculars will be easier to hold steady, and to carry around. Some binoculars have smaller tubes than others, and are easier for smaller hands to grip. For the same reason, binoculars with grippy rubber coats are best for kids. You can find out more in our article about the best compact binoculars

Quick tips on choosing binoculars for kids

1. Make sure the binocular isn’t too big and heavy for a child to hold steady.

2. Magnifications of 7x or 10x are generally the best for skywatching.

3. Porro prisms and BAK4 glass are best for stargazing. 

4. Foldable designs are convenient and portable.

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