Best telescopes 2021: Top picks for viewing planets, galaxies, stars and more

There’s something for everyone in our guide to the best telescopes of 2021. Whether you’re a keen amateur astronomer who wants to gaze deep into star clusters and nebulas, or you’re a beginner who wants to take their first step into stargazing, you’ll find a telescope that suits your needs in the list below. And while telescope prices can be quite high, we’ve picked a selection of models from the most reliable manufacturers to suit most budgets.

When you’re choosing the best telescope for you, it’s important to consider exactly what you’d like to look at, and how you’re going to use it. For getting closer looks at deep-sky targets, there’s no substitute for a reflector telescope with excellent light-gathering prowess, while a refractor will serve you well in grabbing exquisite views of the solar system. Most instruments come fully-equipped with tripods, eyepieces, and everything else you need to get started, although — be warned — some vary in the time it takes to get set up. If you’re just trying to get a better look at the night sky, and want to be more mobile, we recommend picking a pair of the best binoculars instead.

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