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One troubling issue associated with global warming is the effect it has on crops. Climate change requires scientists to connect climate science, crop models and economic models to examine food security and future crop yields.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) is among the research groups looking into this troubling problem. We’ll learn more about that work today.

Joining us on this episode of the Earth and Space podcast are two representatives from the institute: Jonas Jäegermeyr and Alex Ruane.

Dr. Jäegermeyr is a scientist with the Earth Institute at Columbia University and NASA GISS. Dr. Ruane is co-director of the climate impacts group at NASA GISS.

Jäegermeyr and Ruane, along with their colleagues have just published a new paper in Nature Food on Novermver 1, 2021 titled Climate impacts on global agriculture emerge earlier in new generation of climate and crop models. Their research forms the basis of our discussion.

Listen in.

Agriculture and Climate Change Podcast

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